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Gambling in British Columbia Gaining Millions. 2005-07-18
British Columbia�s minister is responsible for gaming, but is not obsessed with gambling returns. The district makes several million dollars from gambling profits every year, and the numbers keep getting higher. These rates are mostly between lotteries, bingo and other games. Those games are expected to bring in $950 million in 2005. It is expected that within the next two years, government believes these changes will equal up to, if even over, $1 billion.
The minister responsible for gambling, John Les believes that there is no obsession with these facts. Returns are big, but it doesn�t make the economy. It is a pride, but not a fixation of these number returns.
B.C.'s Lottery Corporation is continuing to expand. Earlier last week, the corporation publicized the purchase of online lottery tickets. Part of this was a way to put a regional limit on the amount of slot machines, but now that has ended.
There are opponents obviously to the system. The government party promised to stop gambling expansion when legislation was formed. In 1998, Gordon Campbell stated that he believes that the social costs of gambling were too high. Its just getting higher, many from the government believe in a positive way.
(By Andrea)