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Casino Employees Say That Jobs Give Them Satisfaction. 2005-07-17
Researchers for the Missouri Riverboat Gaming Association (MRGA) discovered that 82% of casino workers feel confident about their jobs. Missouri's general population stated that fewer than 60% of workers were satisfied with their jobs, in a similar research. Missouri�s eleven casinos employ 11,200 workers. In the poll seen here poll of 4,000 employees, were used.
75% of employees of Missouri casinos collected raises in 2004, and 80% expect to receive them in 2005. 78% of the casino workers said that they were happier working for casinos than they had in other jobs. The employee benefits are also higher than at other jobs.
As far as benefits, 67% said that medical benefits were at least as good as in previous jobs, and 39% said that the benefits were better. 73% said that casinos offer at least as good a retirement plan as previous jobs, and 41% said that the retirement plan was better. 3% more employees saying that they are not having trouble making ends meet and 4% more moving to better housing. In all Missouri Gambling organization is the place to find a job today. It shows that casinos take care of their employees well, and they enjoy being there for that reason.
(By Andrea)