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Survey Says: Women Gambling Taking Off. 2005-07-17
Since Jennifer Tilly play in last year's �Seed of Chucky,� known for beating 600 players in the Ladies no-limit Texas Hold�em tournament at the World Series of Poker, other women have signed on to play. Poker is getting to be the sport of women now too. Statistics show that women seem to prefer the online version, to the old fashioned poker game.
Internet Gambling has reached $6 billion per year, since coming into existence over ten years ago. There are almost 2,000 online gambling websites, including online poker rooms, and other games, sometimes with live dealers. Women seem to prefer online Vegas to the actual place itself.
A recent study stated that 53% of online gamblers are women, and it is continuing to grow. Some of this statistic is related to non-smokers. The smoke in land-based casinos is unpleasant, so non-smokers prefer to stay at home, and play in a cleaner air environment. Another reason for the rise of women in online casino sites is because women feel obligated to dress up when they go out, sometimes this leading men to hit on them, which is also very uncomfortable. Many women also feel that they are degraded at the poker table, that they have an easier time bluffing online, and men won�t bother them.
Women tend to play games, such as bingo or slots, to some seem easier games, while men play craps or blackjack. However poker seems to be taking on online for women now too. Diane Berlin, a representative from the National Coalition to Ban Legalized Gambling, says that the new trend of internet gambling for women is dangerous to the family. It�s a private activity, and women can gamble amounts away without the family noticing. Public places allow the public to see what a person is betting. Of course what Diane Berlin forgets to mention the same can be said for men too, when it comes to online gambling. It is a personal game, but not only women can loose money. Berlin also goes on to say that only women who are lonely, and depressed gamble, and more so on online casinos. It is an unfair and wrong statement to be made. Online gambling may have different effects for men and women, however women are not the only ones loosing money through gambling, and they are not driving to play necessarily because they are depressed.
It is these types of statements, which make the study, look bad. There are opponents of online gambling, but they don�t target their statements at one party. These statements do not help the case for the Berlin�s quest to halt online gambling, because she says it only has a negative effect on women. She, as a woman is making unfair statements, not seen in the study. The study is why women prefer to gamble online. While widely known that USA policies about gambling, they are not clear of where they stand with the internet. It is a free zone for usage, and not likely to be changed anytime soon.
(By Andrea)