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Bribery Case Against Dog Park. 2005-07-14
Twelve jurors were selected this past Tuesday for the trial on the Lincoln Park�s Dog Track. The case will be about the bribery conspiracy trial for the Rhode Island track. Two of its former executives are being prosecuted in the case.
The court case is against, the track's former general manager, and its former chief executive of its London-based parent company, Wembley PLC. Daniel Bucci, the manager, and Nigel Potter, former chief executive, supposedly schemed to bribe former House Speaker John Harwood with up to $4 million for his Pawtucket, R.I., law firm. The first session of this trial was held in February.
The first trial found the defendants innocent of wire fraud and deadlocked on the 20 other counts, including the most serious, conspiracy charge. Last month U.S. District Judge Mary Lisi agreed to a defense request to relocate the second trial to Worcester, because publicity made it hard to find jurors. Prosecutors said the defendants plotted the bribery scheme to win support for adding more video lottery machines at Lincoln Park.
Whatever the case, Lincoln Park located in Lincoln, R.I., was trying to get lawmaker support proposed for a Narragansett Indian casino. The bribe was supposedly proposed to Dan McKinnon, Harwood's law partner and the park's lawyer and adviser. McKinnon rejected this idea, as court documents show, and he and Harwood were not brought up on any charges. The other executives were not so lucky, and a second trial may not prove better results in the case against Lincoln Park.
(By Andrea)