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Durban Casino Robbed by 10 People 2006-02-19
As the case of the South African Casino ages by another day, making it two days old, still no one has been arrested for the crime., In what South Africa calls a horrendous experience, Sibaya Casino in Durban saw its casino staff being held up by over ten robbers.
The robbers were armed and they held up the people in the casino for over $80,000. They also stole customer�s jewels and cell phones. They took wallets carrying Identification cards such as driver�s licensees and passports as well. People are quite nervous that driver�s licenses and passports may be used for frauds and credit cards were stolen as well. People canceled their credit cards but they are still frantic about the identification cards!
A policeman was injured in the line of fire and he received a shot to the stomach. Durban residents are praying for his speedy recovery as he is now in stable condition at a local hospital.
South Africans are shocked at what went on in this local casino and are waiting for local police to crack the case. In the meantime, the casino is suffering from lack of customers and it seems the people of Durban South Africa just want to stay home.
(By Jennifer)