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Lincoln Park Expansion in Trouble. 2005-07-12
Lincoln Park sale and expansion was in legislation trouble yesterday when it was discovered that Republican House Speaker William J. Murphy was trying to "sabotage" the sale to BLB Investors. He was doing this for another gambling company.
A key House committee posted notice of a 1,750 video slots at the track to tax relief. This fowl play looks to be something worth investigating. At the moment, Lincoln Park is in trouble.
Others wonder what will happen since Murphy�s statement where he said he felt no obligation for full House backing. The vote on the legislation is supposed to take place by next Friday. This is the last possible date, which principals in BLB said they need results.
The House, which ended its 2005 session a week ago, would probably come back before January to handle the veto. Hopefully it will override the troublesome issue, as well as other business issues. At the moment, things don�t look in favor.
(By Andrea)