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Macau Illegal Casino Bust 2006-02-19
The hot topic in Macau these days seems to be casinos. Whether it is casinos to be built or casinos to be bought, the place seems to be in a casino frenzy. On the other side of town, casino loan sharks are being tracked down and arrested in what the co9untry is calling a revolt against illegal gaming.
Six casino loan sharks were arrested and detained early last week and word on the street is that police had been after these loan sharks for a couple of years. The loan sharks were arrested from laundering money in Macau and were arrested in a coffee shop for assaulting a man who had to pay them gambling debts.
The country has stated that despite the fact that it is allowing big casino developers to begin building and opening casinos, there is a big difference between casinos run and regulated by the government and under ground casinos that very often endanger people�s lives.
Other then the fact that illegal gambling creates tax evasion, it also increases violence and that is something that Macau Police authorities want to decrease immediately. They state that people can gamble in a regulate casino but that casinos run by loan sharks are dangerous and intimidating.
The summer was also seen with many loan shark crack downs and this seems to be the second �clean up� of loan sharks Macau is doing.
Other countries are looking at Macau and getting motivation to crack down on their own illegal casino industry in the hope that it will cause a decrease in crime. The last time Macau cleaned up its illegal gambling industry, things on the streets were quieter for some time.
(By Jennifer)