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Policies are Changing in Canadian Casinos. 2005-07-11
Canada now has some good news to talk about. Two of their casinos will have a new reward point programs. Federal Court has decided to think about this program as part of a monetary reward. The casino previously gave cigarettes as part of the reward point program.
Canadian law affirms that no Canadian association may dispense cigarettes to any citizen regardless of age. Currently, two Canadian casinos have programs called the Players Advantage Club. Players earn points, which can be used to buy miscellaneous things, including sometimes buying cigarettes. Federal court said that the program does not promote tobacco or smoking. Upset, they said that the players paid for the cigarettes with their points that have real cash value. It is an advantage that law hopes to put a stop to, by other incentives.
It is a bizarre turn of events when a player used points earned in casino play to buy cigarettes. Canadian law is trying to promote a smoke free environment, and this is not helping their crusade. A monetary system helps the Canadian government feel better about up holding the law and allowing the players, if they choose to buy cigarettes with money to do so, and not with casino points. Freedom prevails for both sides, but the hope is that money will not be used for cigarettes.
(By Sammy)