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Online Casino is Looking to Invest in a Hockey Team 2005-07-07
St. Louis Blues of the NHL may be in the possession of an online casino. The group has shown intent to purchase the team. At the moment, they haven�t heard back from anyone.
The casino attempted to contact Bill Laurie, the team�s owner, as well as the NHL about their pursuit. No one has contacted them back. It wouldn�t be a first that the online casino attempted to buy a sports team.
In previous years, the online casino was interested in the NBA. The offers were to buy the Cleveland Cavaliers and Phoenix Suns. For some reason the claim was deemed irrelevant by David Stern, NBA commissioner.
Sport teams don�t seem to want to get involved with gambling, as it gives a certain connection stigma. Both the NBA and the NHL seem to consider it like the separation of religion, and state in the U.S, because they just don�t work hand and hand. Not everyone is willing to support a team associated with gambling, online or off. That starts with the team owners, and leagues.
(By Andrea)