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Americas New Poker Idol. 2005-07-06
It has been reported that a new TV show about poker is coming to a television screen near you. �The Small Town Poker Tour� is going to be a tour of amateur players playing Texas Hold'em. Small town people will now be able to show their talents on TV.
The shows premise is to travel the USA to find the best amateur poker player. In a way it is like the American Idol of the future. It will also feature additional characters for a kick of spice to the show. CEO of AMT Media LLC, Mark Fracalossi, and Creative Director/Executive Producer, Billy Frank, of Make It Happen Productions, have announced a partnership. The partnership will help to create, and produce the show. Both are very talented men, and will have a lot to bring to the show. They have also stated that they are excited about the project. Hopefully soon they will have an answer on if the show is a go.
Make It Happen is a full-service production company. Over two decades, in standing, the company has received multiple nominations and awards for film and television. That should mean they have a good shot, but will regular television watchers be interested in this concept is the question.
Currently, the network is doing promotional campaigns for the NFL, one featuring Lenny Kravitz, and another for Jessica Simpson. MIH, recently, was hired by Warner Brothers Domestic Cable Distribution to produce a presentation for the UPN's �EVE." to sell the show for syndication. The company has even been known for running ESPN campaigns for figure skating.
If successful, it will bring new eyes to the game of poker, and nice travel scenery to small town USA. In addition, it will also raise money for charity. The show will give all raised money to charity. The winner of the even or the poker idol will play in the �Small Town Poker Tour Finals�, for cash and prizes.
(By Andrea)