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Gettysburg Tourism May Expand With Casino. 2005-07-05
On the final day of the 142nd Gettysburg Civil War Battle Re-enactment, a new battle was soon to begin. Today�s Gettysburg is against the proposed Gaming Resort and Spa, soon to be set up in the historic city. The casino plans to include 3,000 slot machines on the 42-acre site east of the district.
Those for the construction of the casino believe such an endeavor would create 800 jobs, bringing in money to the local economy. They also believe it will bring visitors to Gettysburg. Not many get a chance to see Gettysburg's historic battlefield, museums, shops and restaurants. Now with the promotion of a casino/spa, many more will stop by the area for a piece of history.
Opponents say it would commit sacrilege against the battlefield. It is history of land, which will be destroyed by construction, and even more by a casino. City construction opponents believe that with casinos, comes unwanted side effects. Families in the area fear traffic, drugs, prostitution, and crime.
That is the debate here, tourism vs. history. If the casino was being built over the historical site, then many may agree that there is no debate, it just a thing that can not be done. Yet, the construction will be on the eastern side of the city. Others can agree with the thoughts of families, about lots of tourism, that doesn�t mean that would bring problems. However, for those for the construction have a point how many go to Gettysburg for fun. Other than history, the city isn�t a highlight for other things, like in bigger cities.
(By Andrea)