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Laker Season Odds Are Low. 2005-07-04
A local sports book and casino has now set up a new set of odds on Basketball. Since the Basketball season has just finished their playoffs, there is not much more to say on that issue. Still huge fans still wonder about the Los Angeles Laker�s future.
Fans wonder what will happen, next season, with the Pacific Division playoffs when the Lakers face the Miami Heat, and Shaq. Betters are wagering on how many games the Lakers will win, as well as the playoff results, for next season. Betters will have to wager their odds, based on the historical past of the Lakers team.
The odds for the Lakers are either for or against 45.5 wins during the regular season. In the event of for a 45.5 win, this would mean the Lakers would make it to the playoffs with a near 50% winning ratio. This year the Lakers missed that entrance for the first time in 11 years. Last year the Lakers won 34 games.
The luck might be with the coach, Phil Jackson. Jackson returned to the Lakers after sometime away. The team struggled without the coach, and without Shaq. The consensus is that it is actually the coach with the power to pull the team together.
Though the Lakers once were a big winning team, odds next season are slim they will regain that. Phoenix, Sacramento, and Los Angeles Clippers are upping their odds through better playing. That means a payout of +500 if the Lakers underdog overcomes its poor recent history, and wins the division.
(By Sammy)