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Winter Olympics Betting at All Time High 2006-02-13
As the winter games begin this week, bets about the games� results are at an all time high. This is the twentieth Winter Olympic Games and it is one of the only times that online bets have been placed for this event. Although bookkeepers have been busy, nothing has been busier then online gaming about this subject.
Betting sites have reported 50% increases in bets in terms of new players and raised bets on Vatican players as resulted by the availability of betting on this event online. In a survey about the Olympics, many have voiced concerns about taking something so world recognized and allowing it into the world of gaming. Protestors have tried to stop the Games from being part of Sports betting but they have failed to win as many sites have claimed the right to allow people to game on the Olympics.
The Summer Olympics are anticipated to be an even bigger hit as people will just be continuing to let the fad grow as a result of this new found popularity.
As of right now, all sports involved in the Winter Olympics can be bet on and there seems to be the biggest interest in US athletes. The most popular sport to bet on has even reported to be the bobsleigh run. The new inclusion of snow boarding in the Winter Olympics has made younger people interested in the Olympics and activist claim that this may lead to underage online betting.
In an attempt to stop underage gamers, sports betting sites online have been even more careful this week to screen its players and make sure that the underage people stay out. Families are worried that the Olympics are being exploited but the online betting sites and have also voiced concerns about the possibility of underage gaming, especially on snow boarding.
Women�s hockey has also been reported as a popular betting subject and the best odds are being offered right now for the US teams and Canadian teams. Speed skating has also gained great popularity and it is one of the most popular subjects to bet on.
(By Jennifer)