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Poker Game for Celebrity Media Players. 2005-07-04
After 4 hours of play, freelance journalist for The Times, Ben-Beasley-Murray won �2,500 in prize money, in a media poker game. This event led to Beasley-Murray being put in Media 25 Hundred, this past month, as the best poker player. It was a sweet win for such hard work.
Other journalists tried for the same prize when they fought it out with Beasley-Murray. Lee McCreery of the News of the World, and Simon Young of the Sun, played powerfully, but in the end succumbed to Beasley-Murray. Of course they didn�t finish far behind, second and third place to be exact.
Media 25 Hundred was filmed at studios in London, and aired over the weekend. Other journalists spotted at the poker event were FHM�s Mike Peake, Lads Mag�s Mark Tate, David Flusfeder, a freelancer for the Financial Times, Oliver Irish, editor of Stuff, Nils Pratley from The Guardian, and Matt Born. The media knockout event was even more popular that the expected viewer turnout.
The event being a hit with the print media players means there will be another one. Next a poker event will be set up for broadcast media poker players. One at a time, all media poker fans will find themselves in the game for money, than just reporting about it.
A follow up to this past tournament will be for radio, and television broadcasters. Later on, if this proves to also be a hit, there will be a final poker tournament of the Best of the Best between print, and broadcast media players for a bigger cash prize. Jim Sibcy, Managing Director of the poker tournament believes this all would be exciting to watch.
(By Sammy)