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Novelty Items Bought By Online Casino Gets Stranger. 2005-07-04
eBay purchases, by a known online casino, have sparked interests in the online casino biz. Most of the novelty items purchased have been a publicity stunt to promote online gaming. People are able to come to the site, and see the unusual collections, and stay on to play. Last month, the casino bought Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt�s air molecules, and paid a woman to use her forehead as advertising space.
The woman, Kari Smith was paid by $10,000 to put a tattoo of the casino logo on her forehead. The eBay auction for Smith brought 1,000 viewers, and 27,000 hits. Smith went on to say she did it for a good cause, her son. The money she earned for the advertisement will be put toward her son�s education.
If that wasn�t strange enough, the air molecules of Ms. Jolie, and Mr. Pitt were bought by the casino for $529.99. It was a main prize, since it was a jar of air that was waved near the couple at the premier of their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. It seems this casino will spend a few bucks, to bring in the bucks. It seems to be working too.
(By Sammy)