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Hosting the Olympics 2012, Who Will it Be? 2005-06-30
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has one more week before it will announce which city will host the 2012 Olympics. Representatives from Paris, London, Madrid, New York and Moscow are vying for the vote. Sports fans are just as interested in who will be the lucky winner of the XXX Olympiad hosting race. The fans are now willing to place their bets on it.
A sport betting on line site has now listed its odds on the favorites to win, and they are ready to be wagered on. Paris is the favorite for the win at 2/9 odds, or win $2 for every $9 bet. London is a close contender at odds of 5/1. Others such as: Madrid 20/1, New York 21/1, and Moscow 70/1, fall further behind on the betting scale.
Paris is the favorite, and betters agree. They have the space, a space that would suit the Olympics. Other places would have to do major constructions, for the Olympic accommodations, which is why they fall behind on the betting scale.
Wagers are now up to $500 on this bet. The bet will end July 6th, when the IOC will make its decision on the host city, in Singapore. All odds are subject to change, between now, and July 6th. Sports betters can decide to wager now, for bigger pay out wins, or right before the vote.
(By Sammy)