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Teenagers Go On Rampages Not Millionaires. 2005-06-30
Michael Andrew Carroll was found in court, again, this time on a drunken driving charge. Carroll is no stranger to court these days. This multi million lotto winner�s behavior hasn�t improved since his win.
Carroll is known as the King of Chavs, after he won �9.7m in the national lottery. Yesterday, this 22 year old got the Asbo (Anti Social Behavior Order). Most become spoiled after wins, but Carroll was always spoiled.
The win occurred two and a half years ago. Since then, Carroll has spoiled himself, rotten. It seemed standard; he bought 80 cars, several mansions, and invested �1m in the Rangers. He was living the dream, everyone would want, but he like apparently likes the court house better than his mansions.
Carroll was back in court for the fifth time in two weeks yesterday. Carroll�s lawyer admitted he was lucky to escape prison time for his crimes. The current offence was driving around town in a black jeep, lit by blue neon lights, hitting cars and shops with a ball-bearing loaded catapult. When he was arrested, Carroll admitted this was not a first; he had done it 29 other times. All he could say is what he wrote on his police report, �Sorry�. The punishment he was given was 240 hours' community service, and ordered to pay �3,628.97 compensation.
Carroll's lawyer, Neal Meachem, says the boy has changed, giving money to charities, and spending time with troubled children. In about a year, Carroll had not committed any offences, in part because he was in prison for three months of that year.
(By Sammy)