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Hit and Run Near Local Casino 2006-02-12
A hit and run accident has shaken Peppermill Casino players, staff and near by residents. A man on a motorcycle was hit by a speeding vehicle which took off right after injuring the man. The man was hit so hard that he fell right off his bike and it was when casino staff found him that he was able to be transformed to the nearest hospital.
The accident occurred right in front of the Peppermill Hotel which is directly linked to the Peppermill Casino. This Casino has been notorious for being a local favorite and the association of this crime with the location is questionable on business. Casino employees have been thanked for rushing the man to the hospital and the man was not in condition to report on how the car looked that hit him.
The casino, the man and police authorities have asked that if anyone know anything about the details of this crime to contact them as soon as possible. Police authorities are also asking that the man or woman responsible for the hit and run turn him or herself in as they are sure they will get to the bottom of this.
Crimes and casinos are always controversial and many people have stated that despite casino employee efforts to assist the man in his injury, many people have decided to somehow blame the casino despite its good efforts. There is no reported link between the casino and the accident other then the fact that they brought the man to the hospital.
However, precedence has shown that even if an unrelated accident occurs near a casino, there is much more hostile feelings among locals towards casinos in general. Peppermill has not experienced any hostility yet but it is questionable in regards to how the future clients will feel. The best case scenario to occur for this casino is for the hit and run driver to be caught and the casino employees to be recognized for assisting the victim of this terrible crime.
(By Jennifer)