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Betting on Cruise/Holmes Future. 2005-06-28
Everyone knew it was coming, but still people were shocked when Tom Cruise really did pop the question to Katie Holmes. Last week, Cruise asked Holmes to marry him on top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. The couple met two months ago in Rome, and has had an intense relationship since. Many have asked the couple, weeks into the relationship, if marriage was an option, but no one expected an engagement to occur so quickly. Cruise has been claimed to say he purchased the ring sometime ago. Now the engagement has sparked bigger suspicion that this is all a publicity stunt. After all, both have big movies coming out this summer.
Holmes, movie "Batman Begins" is out, and Cruise�s "War of the Worlds", comes out tomorrow. Despite busy schedules, they have not been seen apart for several weeks. This all raises confused eyebrows whether or not it is a publicity stunt, or Cruise has just gone off the love handle.
Cruise has always been known for being a private person. Now he has been seen jumping around Oprah Winfrey's couch and screaming that he is in love cries in interviews. It is just all too strange for his character. No one knows if this is Holmes influence.
Now people are becoming big skeptics about whether the marriage will occur. CEO Dave Johnson, of a known on line site, claims, marriages made in Hollywood tend to fall apart quickly. The even quicker courtship puts wagers up; if the couple should marry, how long will it last? Obviously this will all depend on when they get married too. If they get married now odds will be high for a break up, then if they have a long engagement. For Cruise this will be a third marriage, and Holmes, a first, despite a long engagement with former boyfriend, actor Chris Klein. As fast as the courtship and engagement have gone for Cruise/Holmes, even faster odds on there break up are now up.
The odds of the marriage go as follows: * The wager odds here are based on an action once they get married. If the engagement is cancelled all wagers are considered 'no action�, and doesn�t count. 90 days or less is a 25/1 91 � 270 days at 15/1 271 - 450 days is a 10/1 451 - 720 days at 6/1 721 - 1080 days 4/1 1081- more days 2/1
The fact is even a happy Cruise/ Holmes courtship, doesn�t impress many, especially in Hollywood. Starting with 90 days is giving them something, but things that go fast generally fizzle out just as fast. The couples haven�t even dated for 90 days, who knows if the marriage will past 90 days. The question leads many to speculate their answers in a bid.
(By Sammy)