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Poker Camp Helps Players Improve Their Skills. 2005-06-28
Texas Hold Em players, who sought to better their skills at tournaments, attended a Howard Lederer�s Fantasy Poker Camp in Las Vegas. They got a chance to mingle with new celebrities, as well as attend televised tournaments. Texas Hold Em was the final event in the World Series of Poker.
This event was held at Binion�s Horseshoe Casino in Las Vegas, as has been there since 1970. The on line poker sites, plus the televised publicity quadrupled the number of participants in the World Series of Poker Tournament. Average players also had high chances of going up against the pro, and actually beat them. 306 average players attended the camp in April, just to earn that chance.
Lederer, the Professor, with his sister Annie Duke, Chris � Jesus � Ferguson, and Phil Gordon, held three sessions on the first day of the camp. All of the players here have been big winners in the past. In addition, professional dealers, who passed out these legendary wins, were there for these students of the game.
Since the popularity of the camp, there will be a continuation of it. It is a time of learning, and fun. It was also a chance to meet celebrities, and learn to not only be players, but good ones. Some got the chance to go up against the pros, and others got a chance to beat the pros.
(By Sammy)