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Internet Gambling Report Out. 2005-06-28
Internet Gambling Report has now released its eighth edition report for shipment. The report first printed in 1997, with more than 600 pages to its name. Legal experts have also been recruited to work on the reports. It not only is a sports magazine, but a legal, social, technological, and business report on gambling. With in these categories, even the technical aspects of gaming rules, taxes, and marketing are shown.
The report has over the years has interesting editorials, not afraid to touch on even tough issues. The report is handled by 13 top industry experts, and highly recognizable. The eighth edition is a good showing to this trend of the report. This year's articles are on betting, funding, advertising, cross boarder gambling, and person to person betting.
This year�s edition is thought to be very comprehensible. Now that it is out, it is to be the pride of the internet gaming news. This edition touches on the main issues over this last year in gaming, and hopefully will bring more insight for later editions.
(By Sammy)