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Bingo Hall in Trouble 2005-06-27
In West Valley City, a local Bingo hall was busted, and reports say it may be busted once again. The reports come just after Joe Coccimiglio, Como Manager and Owner was charged on six misdemeanor charges, of gambling, gambling promotion, and possession of a gambling device. The city is preparing to close down the hall.
The place may loose its business license in July. Coccimiglio is fighting to prevent that termination. The attempt is taking away the license, and closing down the building, are still attempts, a city attorney has claimed.
The hall, apparently, is in business by charging a $25 meal, offering free bingo, and cash prizes to winners. Court documents say that three undercover police officials were sent in to visit the place to check if the promotion was a legitimate one. On May 5th, the officers paid for their meal, and got their bingo tickets. Apparently, the officers were told that other games, they would have to pay for. One of those games had a payout of $2,300.
This testimony hurts the owner, since bingo games were offered for free. This turns the business into another sort of business that the owner doesn�t have a license for. The court case will tell whether or not this will make Coccimiglio loose his business, but the odds are not in his favor.
(By Sammy)