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Ethiopia Trying to Legalize Casinos 2006-02-09
Ethiopia is a country that ahs been reportedly seeking interest in adding a casino to one of its major hotels. Ethiopian tourism is low and one of the way�s the country has decided to increase tourism and sales is through the building of a casino on a five star hotel.
The proposal was made by the Ministry of Revenue and needs to be approved by the Council of Ministers in order to be passed on to the Parliament and then actually to suffice.
There is disagreement among Ethiopian citizens as to whether or not this idea is a good one as many citizens are against casinos and gambling in general. On the other hand, Kenya has established a casino and it has been built regardless of the protests endured by the citizens against gambling.
There is also a question as to whether or not Ethiopian citizens will be allowed to game or if the casino will serve only as a tourist spot for those carrying foreign passports. Decisions need to be made before the proposal is presented and decisions also need to be made regarding what games will be available there and what the minimum bet and maximum bet will be.
The casino also serves as a place for employment for its own citizens as Ethiopian unemployment rate has been on the rise. This is not the first time Ethiopia has tried to legalize the establishment of a casino for tourist purposes. A similar proposal for the establishment of tourist casinos was made in 1995 but failed to even pass to the parliamentary level.
Ethiopia also has a history with casino experiences so that it will make it even harder to pass the bill. The late 1980�s saw a killing in Ghion Hotel which operated a casino.
(By Jennifer)