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Jesus�s Home On the Net. 2005-06-26
An internet based casino, over the years has been famous for its shocking acquisitions, through eBay. Now it has another prize to its possession, a water-stained plastered piece of art, resembling Jesus Christ. The expenditure of the piece cost a whopping $1,999.99. This piece was sold from a Pittsburg man, who had the piece hanging in his bathroom.
Jeffery Rigo, 30, had this piece in his bathroom for sometime, before he put it up for sale. It was June 11th; he stepped out of the shower, and realized he saw an image in the painting. The image he saw was of Jesus Christ. The image, Rigo right fully called it, �Shower Jesus.� He tore it from his wall, and sent it on to eBay, where it was put up for auction.
During this time, the picture brought a craze of people to the website. Not only to buy the picture, but to see it. After the paining was bought, it sparked a sensation. The on line casinos have been known for usage of their purchases to advertise their casinos.
Spokesman for the casino, Drew Black, knew that the purchase would work out. The public�s interest in these things helps publicize the casino, especially after a purchase. The unconventional buys, are made, just to bring inquiring eyes into the on line casinos.
(By Sammy)