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Pit Boss Gets Canned. 2005-06-26
LA former Treasure Island pit boss thought he had seen Jennifer Wilbanks, the infamous runaway bride, in his casino, and went on to report it to the media. Frank Sidoris, 41, claims he saw her walk around three times around 10pm, the night before she was found. He decided to e-mail Fox News this information, and was later interviewed via the telephone. Although she was already found in New Mexico, Sidoris, wanted to tell his story. He claimed, her family has the right to know where she was during the week she was missing. Wilbanks, was traveling buy bus, and claimed she spend a brief period of time in Las Vegas, but never mentioned any casino, specifically, in an N.B.C interview.
Sidoris was suspended and fired, from this act, he thought would get him employee of the month. MGM Mirage spokesman Alan Feldman did not comment on why Sidoris was fired, but indicated that the policy of the casino is to protect the privacy of the customers. Whether or not the story is true, it wasn�t Sidoris�s right to tell.
It was also a taboo issue because the police were looking for her, as a missing person. It later turned out she had just run away a week before the wedding. However, it was considered a missing persons issue, and as such, if there was a sighting of a missing person, a supervisor should be contacted, then law enforcement. When Sidoris went to the media, it showed Feldman that his employee was less worried, and more into sensationalism, and fame. That put him in hot water alone.
Sidoris said he was confused, he thought he was bringing publicity to the casino. He didn�t come forward, until after she was found, and was sure it was Wilbanks. Sidoris actually turned out to be fired for bad publicity of the hotel.
Sidoris is the same man, who saw Sept. 11 hijacker Mohamed Atta in August 2001, in the casino, something he reported to the FBI. Apparently this was not something he repeated in the story here. He was sorry; he hadn�t done a similar thing.
Sedoris is now looking for a new pit boss job, outside the MGM Mirage family. He is confident that he will find a new job. He claims his great eyesight is what, that job is all about.
Sidoris regrets what he did, because it cost him a job. He said the only good thing about this was that he had time off to travel to a golf tournament, with his son. Optimistic view for what was considered a dim move on his part.
(By Sammy)