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Hiring Ex- Cons in Casinos 2005-06-26
Wynn Las Vegas�s human resources explained to business leaders why they should start considering hiring ex-prisoners and former welfare recipients. Chief Human Resources Officer for Wynn Resorts Arte Nathan presented this in front of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. Companies are not required by law to hire workers with criminal pasts, but it is a about time they did.
Nathan, personally, has been involved with hiring ex-offenders since 1993. Since then, there have been hundreds recruited for top casinos, and hotels in Las Vegas. They are sometimes even recruited. For the skeptic, Nathan says, its all chance. This doesn�t matter if they are criminals or not.
Companies, who don't hire ex-offenders, just contribute to more crimes. Those, who don�t work, have no other options. At least here they are given a chance to start over, and jump start their lives a fresh. However, there should be a good screening process, so that people, who can become good workers, are placed in a good job. Wynn Las Vegas goes through a background check and drug testing, for all new employees. Example: If someone was in prison for theft, a cashier job is not a good choice. Nathan has done this recruitment for 14 years. All of it has been successful, because they additionally hire counselors from the prison system for help.
So far, the system has worked well. It is all part of a plan for diversity, and equal opportunity, and employment in the system. In a sense it is rehabilitation, as many still are afraid of hiring ex-cons. Nathan believes that what you put out, is what you get in. Those, who are giving the opportunity to others, will be happy with the results. A slightly brown banana doesn�t make the whole banana bad. These people are just people. Some need the new start.
It is not the only program in store for Wynn Resorts, all ethnicities, minorities, disabilities, and same-sexed partners will be also given jobs, without discrimination. All of them will get equal training, pay, and insurance. It is all part of an equality system.
They are doing all of this on a trial basis, at least with ex-criminals, between a period of six to eight months. They are two months into this new phase with these workers, and progress is happening, smoothly as well. Nathan is confident on where this thing will continue based on how it is at the moment.
(By Sammy)