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NBA Bets for 2006 Bigger Payoffs Than 2005? 2005-06-23
Betting fans these days are not worried about their results from this year's, 2005 NBA Finals, they are ahead to next years results. Sportsbook is accommodating NBA fans on their theories, and bets on the future of next year, 2006 NBA Championships. It has gotten to the point that fans are less of fans of the sport, and more on the betting on it. This year�s championship could go either way, so the lack of interest is not the reason fans are into next years results.
Apparently, sports betting, the earlier you do it, the bigger the draw, according to Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director of Sportsbook. Example, someone who bets on a win early, and wins it, gets a huge payout, than �card counting.� This means, that it may be easier to tell who might win, by checking out the statistics during the season, but a long shot horse to guess, without any tip offs. Maybe checking statistics over the years can help the player�s choice, but choosing an underdog, who comes out on top is even more interesting. It seems these days, betting is more interesting than checking out the results of the current playoff.
Sportsbook has announced their pre-season favorites. The San Antonio Spurs, the favorite, are at odds of 3/1, next to the Detroit Pistons 6/1. Miami and Phoenix both seemed to be tied at 8/1. The longest shot has got to be the Atlanta Hawks at 500/1. Once the season starts these odds will change, and so will the pay out.
If people had participated in this type of arrangement last year, a $1,000 wager on San Antonio or Detroit would have paid $3,500 and $6,000. An equal wager for a Spur win would equal $2,400 and $4,500 for the Pistons. Anyone who would have bet $1,000 on a Phoenix win could have paid out $60,000, as it was the long shot. This year will
(By Sammy)