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Internet and Interactive Television Bingo Brought to NY. 2005-06-22
Internet and Interactive Television Bingo has just announced that it has been taken into the NY OTC Financial Communications Corp. for an investor relations campaign. First Bingo is an internet game, and television game available for play. In the recent growth of the Bingo market, at a rate of $50 billion a year, this is a strong move. The United States alone brings in 60 million bingo players every year.
First Bingo has taken traditional bingo, and combined it will other traditional games. Some of these types of games seen are bingo with trivia, some of which is on under internationally broadcasted game shows. These creations are in the developing stages. Richard Wachter, president of the company, is trying to combine television and internet bingo together.
Wachter goes on to say that in the first month of their marketing campaign, for bingo, received over 200,000 hits. The growth potential is unlimited, in a positive direction. At the moment the bingo company wants to jump on that band wagon, which will aggressively move forward their campaign, and new strategies for the game.
(By Sammy)