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Poker: The Game of Prize Winning Champions. 2005-06-22
�The Great Full Red Series� promotion from the Full Tilt Poker is a great success at the WSOP. In 15 events, fifteen online players have won over $60,000. There were also additional prizes won totaling up to $30,000 in cash, through the tournaments. The professional players of Full Tilt Poker earned additional sums in the amounts of $25,000.
Three specific players took the majority of the pot. Erik Seidel took home $611,795 from his first place win in �No-Limit Hold �em. Allen Cunningham also won in the same game with a total of $725,000. Other awards followed, such as Perry Friedman�s strong performance win with $8,082. There were even awards given for stylistic winnings up to $7,346. There were additional �Pot Limit of Omaha� wins.
Erik Seidel, Chris Ferguson, and John Juanda took home combined winnings of $2,451 in the Omaha wins. 12 other winners equally took home cash, and prize winnings. These outstanding plays from the Team of Full Tilt professionals made a good showing here. The tournament continues, and continues with success, just like from all of these fifteen big winners.
(By Sammy)