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Newt�s Allows You to Make Your Own Cards. 2005-06-21
Newt�s Playing Cards have been at the top of the playing card craze, and now has taken that step just a little closer with its online designer cards. It has always been known as a family friendly card, sold all over the United States, and played in top handed casino games. It also was the deck that brought Iraqi Most Wanted cards. Now they are making their cards for you, or you are making your own.
The Design-A �Card � WePrintEm� tool on the internet allows the card lover to make his own card through a sort of photo shop. The idea is to upload your own picture, or choose art design works to make your own card. The last few years they were created by hand, but that was long before it was brought to the internet. Customized cards have sold tremendously, says the founder, and card collector James Esteph.
Artist for the company, Peter Wood explains that during the 15 years of work for the company, he found it tedious to create the art work for the decks, because it took a long time to create them. The change with these cards coming to the internet helps shorten the work by a fraction of the time for the artists. Wood also says that the bonus for the users, they can even use part of his art work when they are designing their own cards.
Newt Brands are always trying to make their cards better and more available to the public. They are working on other projects, which will be announced later when they are developed, and made available to the public. In the mean time, internet card design is the way of card fans future.
(By Sammy)