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Albuquerque Casino Cashes Out New Mexico Lotto Tickets. 2005-06-21
The relationships with the lottery and state casinos have been always separate territories, until recently. New Mexico has made a promotional union of these two entities through a Las Vegas company, Vegas Games. The invented product is called the LottoSino, a scratch off card combined with a prize, redeemable at a New Mexican state casino.
The tickets, just like normal lottery tickets are sold at convenience stores and at the casino gift shops, such as the Santa Ana Star Casino. The scratch off ticket is $3, with a chance to win the $30,000 at the jackpot, and the second ticket, featured at the bottom of the same ticket, is up to $5,000, redeemable at the Santa Ana Star Casino. Other prizes offered for casinos are: buffets, games, merchandise, and even for bowling.
This is the first time there has been a venture for the lottery, and the casino companies. The merger is suspected to breed like wildfire throughout the United States, in states where casinos and lotteries are seen. The astonishing thing is that Nevada, doesn�t have its own state lottery, and can not participate. However, the Las Vegas board is trying to invent games that can be combined, like the scratch off ticket, for future gaming.
If successful, the merger will rake in money like never seen before. It will also be a way to introduce gamers with lotto, and the other way around. In a sense the games are not so different, so the customer rate will peak, like it did in New Mexico with the scratch off lotto/casino ticket.
(By Sammy)