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Vegas Carrier Expansion Big Success. 2005-06-20
Allegiant Air, Las Vegas commercial based carrier has decided to expand its business. If business wasn�t already high and successful it is turning unorthodox. Over the past two years, the airline has the largest operating growth of any domestic carrier at McCarran. Now it is taking its flights to link with Orlando�s Sanford Airport with four connecting cities on the map. This started last month, to connect mostly Midwestern cities, an easier path to Las Vegas.
The four cities at the moment are; Lansing Michigan, Des Moines Iowa, Peoria Illinois, and Madison Wisconsin, have joined the hub that goes from Orlando to Vegas. The airline company is using its 18 hotel partners in Orlando, for support. This move seems unorthodox, because of the places it connects with; however, these places are suspected to bring out many potential customer prospects to Las Vegas.
McCarran is looking for away to beat the competition in the main airport city arena. Allegiant is looking at the smaller markets, and it might be a financially beneficial smart move. These small markets intend to pay off, but no one has reached these places, until Allegiant Air. This investment will bring a success, no one knows at this point to what level.
The aircraft contains 150 seats, and a package deal with over 30 resorts. The packaging program alone ranks in the bucks. Flight fees are small, most likely smaller, with the addition of the smaller locations.
By the end of this month, into the next month other cities will be included in the flight plan, and by next year and a half the hope is to use forty locations on to Las Vegas. The idea is non stop, and no over night flights, good for the staff and crew. The idea is to start through Florida, and expand, finding themselves the lowest rate, and easiest flight plan on to Las Vegas. The unorthodox merger idea will be, in time, the big success of Allegiant Air.
(By Sammy)