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Learning How to Bluff. 2005-06-19
Over the last year and a half, the popularity of poker has risen to unimaginable proportions, not only in casinos, but over the internet. Even television programs have initiated a new desire in the game, as well as bringing in new players. Due to this evolution, there is a solution, teach poker to the masses.
A new school dedicated to the poker version of Texas Hold �Em has been established. In the class, there is a professional poker player, as the teacher. To some it is like a real college classroom, with a professor, and a huge turnout of students. The Leonard Benson Co�s Poker Boot Camp, since February has had more that 200 students.
The idea of the course is to bring in new students, as well as veteran players to help their game. Some want to reach professional standards, and other just want to improve their odds to win. Here the lessons will etch out common mistakes, and help timid players feel natural at the poker table. This course accommodates all players of poker alike, helping them play the best game they can.
In addition, the course helps the players identify their opponent�s game. Not only will a person learn their own game, on strategies, mathematical formulas, and chip supervision, but how to play the other player. Bluffing is not a skill everyone posses, and it is key in this game. Most people, who come to Vegas, don�t really know how to play the way they should. A new player should watch games before he plays, just to get a good idea of how to start.
The course is a total of four hours, for beginners, costing $99. Fifteen hour workshops are also offered, over a week long, or weekends, costs between $395 and $595, for advanced players. Those who got stuck in the mathematics of the game, reading books on strategy, believe this is an easier and more refreshing way to learn. Since the boot camp�s launch in February, it has taken off in the direction promoters have hoped.
(By Sammy)