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Felony DUI Against Las Vegas Vice President Issued. 2005-06-19
June 9th, Rob Powers, The Vice President of Community Relations for the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, was arrested for drunk driving. This led to a later felony charge against him.
According to the police report, Powers crashed his car into a parked police motorcycle. The moved vehicles, then hit an officer standing nearby. Powers them went on to cooperate with the police, taking a sobriety test, which he failed four times. This led to a felony charge of drunken driving against him. The felony led to Power�s suspension from his job, until after a full investigation is completed.
Powers, who obtained his vice president title two months ago, has been in a leadership role, as of last year. The Senior Vice President of Marketing at LVCVA, Terry Jicinsky, commented that since this occurrence Powers has not been demoted. As far as further comments, Jicinsky made a public statement, that Powers took a leave of absence. The leave of absence will be in order for him to take a substance abuse course, anything else there was no comment, since LVCVA doesn�t discuss private issues.
(By Sammy)