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Vegas Attractions for Everyone. 2005-06-16
This week, Las Vegas will invite you to their homes, by putting out a series of advertising campaigns to get tourists to come to Las Vegas. Is Las Vegas really in that much trouble? Chances are highly unlikely, but it is something they have never attempted before. After all, Vegas alone, attracts people always to come in. Tourism Bureaus in the past avoided this because; it was money that didn�t need to be spent.
In the commercials, called the �Vegas Alibi,� won�t just name the casinos, or hotels, like many expect, but the other touristy things about the city. Names of restaurants, shopping places, and even other entertaining events, will be named. This all is an attempt to bring tourism to the other points of attraction in the city. This is the idea to bring tourism to those unnoticeable places, only to the tourists already there. The spots, which have already been shown, tell stories of what an individual did in Vegas, naming where he or she went, and did. The series of commercials are intended to bring a pie of the pie to those who go to Vegas for the old fashioned way, to gamble.
The advertisements have been unveiled at LVCVA�s monthly board meeting, in conjunction with the more popular Vegas campaign. �What Happens Here �..� Seven Major U.S cities use this particular campaign. This new campaign will cost $20 million for both campaigns, both in print, television, and via the internet.
Cable networks will carry the ten ad line-up of these different places of interests in Vegas. Entertainment, food, and shopping networks are intended to eat up these advertisements. The idea is to pick specific audiences, bringing a new flavor to Las Vegas.
In conjunction, projects to upgrade convention centers, and other exhibitions, and sites are also in the works. The idea is to bring people into Vegas in different ways utilizing the best of what they offer, to the guests.
(By Sammy)