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First Feng Shui Casino Finished in May 2005. 2005-06-16
Feng Shui is not just western pop culture, karma coming from the east anymore. Celebrities have made Feng Shui the big thing nowadays. Feng Shuis translation is �wind-water,� promoting health and well-being. The Pechanga Resort and Casino in its construction of its High Limit Gaming Area had this concept in mind. The resorts idea for its guests was revealed in a private gathering in late May.
Feing Shui master Bill Kane has been involved in transforming over 1,000 homes, and businesses, and even did this with a casino in Northern California. His expertise in traditional Feng Shui, from Chinese schools, has been decades in the working. He specializes in the form, the compass, and the flying stars, all of these systems are big in designing spaces with a good vibe. This means rearranging objects that clutter a space, to an empty area. The idea is to avoid clutter, dark areas, sad colors, low ceilings, and sharp pointy things in the room. When he came to High Limit, he was in charge of rearranging 12 table games, cashier area, and the VIP lounge. He went for earthy colors, and glass etched pillars at the entrance, he even worked on the Zen of the bathrooms. He even added Chinese figures of wealth, to make a classic feel, and a good vibe for the players.
This whole expansion will be part of a $252 million package, that by last December was nearly completed, but expansion occurred, and this also needed to be done in a harmonious way as well. Since May, the Pechanga Resort and Casino has been in the favors of the Zen masters, and yet, that of the customers to the hotel and casino.
(By Sammy)