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Poker Information Sent Via SMS. 2005-06-16
The Poker Authority has recently teamed up with a SMART Technology group, which through your cellular phone you can find gambling information; in this case poker is the favorite. This marketing agency applies real time poker statistics, results, and other forms of information directly to your cell phone via text messages, other wise know as short message service (SMS). The service will feature chip counts, player updates, and final results, just to name a few things. It currently has been in running for the last two weeks, during the 36th annual World Series of Poker, June 2nd-June16th. Since the debut, two weeks ago, it has been a success. It kept up to date information, and will be used at other tournaments, Professional, and World Poker Tours as well. The bonus for poker fans at the World Series of Poker was A Card Player Text Messaging service hat.
The services cost 50 cents a message, but customers at this tournament were only charged for four of the messages sent, daily. If people sent more than this daily it was free of charge. These charges were included in a person�s regular cellular phone bill. This service will be available to all types of cell phones in the United States and abroad.
With this success there is a big demand for this service at other poker tournaments. It will be a sure thing to be seen at the upcoming tournaments. This will bring technology to poker fans, who want to be part of the game too.
(By Sammy)