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Betting on the Biggest Swingers at Wimbledon. 2005-06-15
Sports books are now placing their information out, in order to guess this years Wimbledon winner, or winners. The statistics are out, and odd are tallied up, for sports fans to check out, and bet on in their own right. As of this point, Pinnacle points out that they believe Roger Federer, and Maria Sharapova, will win 2005, as they has in 2004, on the grass court tournament.
Federer's odds are 2/3, meaning put down $3 on this prediction, get $2 in return, upon a win. Most of the other players have long runs odds. Those who play the horses, or dogs in the races, know long shots win ranks in big bucks. The sports books here are marking their odds, to bring out betters. Yet, Andre Aggasi, among other top name players has been raked 62/1, as an old player, and a long shot to capture his ninth Grand Slam Title, since he hasn�t won Wimbledon since 1992. The women have their own odds.
The women, lead with Maria Sharapova at a 3/1 co-favorite with French Open Winner Justine Henin-Hardenne. The Williams�s sisters, and Lindsey Davenport, while good players, and can draw high points, are just years behind pervious wins, to come back strong.
Previous winners in the last few years can not predict the winners but the odds will be good. Older players odds are down, but the sports books can not predict it all. Young players bring forth strong playing, and wins, is the philosophy here. The hope is fans come forward, as change the odd through their wagers, as odds can change. However, fans are welcome to bet on their favorite, and hope for the best results.
(By Sammy)