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Fathers Day Packages at the Bellagio. 2005-06-15
Bellagio is now offering a new Just for Men gift package, in celebration of Fathers Day. In the Just for Men package, there is a choice for makeovers, a well as usage of the salon, and spa. This can go on to include a gym package, with boxing fitness classes, taught by a former middleweight pro. This whole package is all for the price of $340. The glamour of the Just for Men Makeover Package is that it is personally designed for you Dads entertainment. A day of sport and relaxation is the best way to say to your Dad, I love you. In the package, dad will work out his stresses, and relax with gentle spa treatment. First, Steve �Rocket� Rosen will teach you to box, just as he knows how, and will allow you into his Bamboo Studio, to duke him out. This will turn your father into a tough, macho guy. After the beat up, beat down work out, he�ll get a chance to relax. The Therapeutic Fusion Massage will wipe out those aches, and pains the workout, and you put him through. For 50 minutes hell receive a deep-pressure massage, and private consultation on what is going on and how the masseuse is taking care of him. After getting oiled up, it is time to get cleaned up with the Royal Shave. Your own personal barber will give you a 45 minute facial. First a hot stemmed towel wrap, after which shaving cream is applied twice for a double shave. After the shave, antiseptic, and pore closing is applied. AT the end of the treatment, a botanical mask of rose desert clay, calendula extract, almond and jojoba oils, is applied. After the mask dries, it is removed with natural seas sponges drenched with lemon oils. All this relaxation will be followed with the final kick, the manicure and pedicure. Thee Manicure and Pedicure starts with moisturizing creams, to soften the skin. After the hands and feet are ready, cuticles are trimmed and nails are buffed, with hand, leg, and foot massages at the same time, with Bellagio\'s Sandalwood-Teak products designed for men. After this type of star treatment, your dad won�t want to go back to work, he�ll want to be on vacation indefinitely, and be worked on. $340 is a small change for the great experience your father will get. A dream comes true for a well earned day.
(By Sammy)