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Bingos Not Just a Name of a Dog. 2005-06-14
Bingo has now become very popular on the internet. Bingos main websites are connecting now with UK's five million fans on the internet. UK�s main bingo company is nearly a year old, launched in August of last year. Its site claims that 35,000 pounds are won on a daily basis. Now many of the search engines will run their own bingo sites. Virgin and Yahoo are some of those internet sites promoting their own bingo games, and all of them will fight it out to be the top competitor. The British, as of this year, has been the king of the game. A quarter of a million people are expected to be part of this, in the upcoming year. The sites are so big that they bring in one million pounds a day income. Bingo is now becoming larger than poker, UK spokesman�s claim. In the next five years it may overtake the game entirely.
The game, originally played by old retired people in church halls, and community centers, has turned into a trans-age game. Now women between the ages of 25-45 outside of London are having great fun from this sport. Yet, this has not slowed down, and emptied out the actual places where bingo takes place. The internet has not replaced it, but actually makes it bigger in some senses too.
These new sites UK and International are jumping on the band wagons to make bingo part of their franchises. It�s an easy game to pass the time. When many are winning from the UK�s site, other countries, and sites want to cash in on the fame.
(By Sammy)