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CIT Global Brings in a Risk Management Team. 2005-06-09
In the gaming institution, the risks of fraudulent players can be high. Those, who don't really know how to play the game, hurt themselves, and their gaming providers.
This can put businesses in tight positions of how to run their companies. This known, risk solutions should be, and have been in the makings of how to solve this problem.
CIT Global, is an international provider who has now signed on TecBet, as their management company. The affiliation with provide integrated payment, and risk solutions, to gaming partners.
The technology offered will accommodate those with the problem of over or underpayment from players. How this will work is that a Secure Internet Payments System use digital signature for online payments to greatly reduce internet extortion. CIT's part in this is as a messenger for the system.
They provide the material and distribution to TechBet, for their consultation on how to manage this problem. Together they will provide the path to prevent businesses from being tampered with by crafty players.
It in all will be a partnership gaining an edge on how gaming managers prevent tampering. This method first reduces the scam losses, and yet shows just players, that the gaming society is on their side. First deter fraudulent people, and then instill confidence, that is how Joseph Mullins, Senior Vice President of Business Development of CIT Global feels. The only way to do this is bring high class technology, within risk management to their services.
(By Sammy)