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Debates on a 198 feet building 2004-01-07
A new agreement has been reached between Summerlin homeowners and Station Casinos on a new tower which is about to be constructed in the Red Rock Station in Clark County. Clark County Commissioner Bruce Woodbury is very optimistic on the new agreement which has finally been reached after three hours of debates and resulted in an agreement on 100 feet height. "That's exactly where I attended things would end up, you never know for sure, but this is probably what the commission would have imposed. It's a good conclusion, a good result." Lesley Pittman, Station Casinos spokesperson not only that he did not confirm any part of the new plan by saying that those compacts are so dynamic that you can never tell if a conclusion is final or not�at one point you may think you know exactly how it might evolve and then you find out that it turns into a totally new direction, so it is better not to expose any details since tomorrow it might end up to be false." Commissioner Mark James, who is in charge of the district which contains the casino site, has requested a grasp on the item, but commissioners have point out that they prefer to move forward with a vote. Basically, the board will run the agreement without James �since there is a reason to believe he might not show up-and James will be able to place a vote on the approval of the 300 feet tower in case he disapproves the decision. James has opposed the proposal from the beginning and his opinion is well-known for everyone on the board. Resident Lisa Mayo-DeRiso said she is o.k. with the board's decision to vote on the project without James, as long as the agreement is not transformed in the minutes before the meeting. "We hope that we come to the podium in agreement on both sides so all the commission has to do is ratify that," Mayo-DeRiso said. The height of the tower has been lowered down which means now the interior design of the entire tower needs to changed in order to include 1,500 rooms. The homeowners of the "Summerlin Residents for Responsible Growth" have insisted that the tower will be built in Charleston Boulevard and the Las Vegas Beltway and will remain in the same height offered. Two months ago, the executives suggested that the tower will be lowered to 100 feet tall and the residents responded that they already paid for a specific apartment in a specific location and that changing the agreement after it already been signed is illegal. Station executives have said the 300-foot-tower is suitable for Summerlin Centre, a new downtown planned by The Howard Hughes Corp. Plans for the Centre include 250-foot office towers, 100-foot condominium buildings, a 2.3 million-square-foot sectional shopping mall and park. Red Rock Station would be in the heart of the downtown. The opponents fear the tower will block views of the Spring Mountains and set a bad example and Summerlin resident Gil Eisner thinks the project is a very important factor in an exertion to control urban collapse. She believes that the right thing to do is encourage the growth of the city's buildings to be tall instead of wide expansion. "I'd much rather see more open land." She said. "It's an extremely important project to set the tone for the thousands of acres to be developed in the future." Proponents in the plan did not show up often enough for the country meetings assuming there is no reason for it not to pass� Curley, one of the members of the Amaranth village homeowners association, appreciated the thought of working close to his home. "I would like to live in Summerlin, play in Summerlin and work in Summerlin," he said. "I believe the project is so much better since it will take all the pressure off the roads if people who work here will not have to drive all the way here or come here by foot when they have to come or leave work. Curley takes issue with the methods of Station's adversaries. He thinks that the residents who currently live in Summerlin have been living here for less than two years and are basically complaining about everything possible� Residents have already threatened to file an ethics sue against Commissioner Yvonne Atkinson Gates, claiming she received a discount on land she purchased from Howard Hughes. Atkinson Gates, who revealed that she owned the property during a meeting, said the $379,000 she paid for a half-acre lot was the price listed at the Howard Hughes sales office. Every story has always more than two sides�we bring it all to you and let you decide which side is more right than the other if there is one�
(By Liat)