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Can two Ladies come to an agreement regarding a lottery ticket? 2004-01-06
A couple of ladies in Ohio have had the biggest argument over the amount of $162m lottery win! One lady claimes to ave lost the ticket and the other one claimes that it is hers! "Elecia Battle stated in the local police station that it dropped it in the snow in her neighbourhood area. "Rebecca Jemison,surprisingly enough, was the one who showed up at the Ohio lottery offices holding the stub and saying the money was hers. ``Lottery officials said they believed Ms Jemison was the rightful holder, but Ms Battle's lawyer has announced that she may still try to claim the prize. ``Ms Jemison, a hospital telephonist, said she checked the numbers "seven or eight times" to make sure that she truly had the combination to scoop the 11-state jackpot. ``She then called her mother, an accountant and a lawyer, as well as telling her husband. ``Ms Jemison said she became angry at Ms Battle's assertion that she had bought and dropped the winning ticket, and so had decided to claim the prize immediately. A week before that, Ms Battle had filed a police report saying she had picked the winning numbers and remembers she dropped the ticket when her handbag slipped in the snow outside a convenience shop. well, who would be the new millioner? I guess we can never know who is going to be next....
(By Liat)