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Nevada - changing concept 2004-01-06
Nevada's reputation is not as it seems to the entire world. Nevada has changed greatly in the past few years and it is about to change much more as apart of a new vision dictated by the government and applied by it's advertising agency all across the country. The concept is expressed through the new slogans and mega-signs in the roads and broadcasted in the T.V networks from coast to coast, saying: "In Nevada, all roads lead to adventure, but you still need a guide." The main goal of the entire campaign is to break the reputation of Nevada as a place which is all full of casinos and which is totally disconnected of the other districts in the state and it is all about money, money, money… Well, now the government comes and says: no, we are not all about money. Our country is full of rivers, hikers, kayakers, fishing holes, off-road motor sports, skiing and camping, we are a free, natural country and we want you to come and visit and not only visit to gamble. So Nevada is now asking you to look at it from a different point of view…Would you do it?
(By Liat)