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Las Vegas - Vulnerable or safe? 2004-01-06
Terror attacts threaten Las Vegas just as much as they threaten any other city in the United States. That specific fact has been reported by the MRC Group Research Institute survey released Monday showed. "Las vegas has considered itself to be much safer for visitors than other citires but i guess that assumption is wrong.... As prooven by the last survey,18 percent of the visitors to Las Vegas sampled in the MRC survey thought Las Vegas was protected from acts of terrorism and admitted that when arriving there they had no fear of it at all. Another important fact which survey found was that roughly half those polled came to Las Vegas because of discounted room rates, unchanged from earlier surveys. Main part of citizens said the "What happens here, stays here" advertising campaign made no difference on their decision to come or not. Tom Ridge, Homeland Security Secretary in Las Vegas, received heavy media attention late last month after raising the national alert level from yellow to orange and naming the city as a possible terrorist target. "The campaign does not seem to affect people, it's just located there and doesn't create any form of empathy." says Ridge.
(By Liat)