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US House passed restrictions on Internet casinos 2003-06-12
Against all odds a new restriction on gambling has been approved in the US House in Washington D.C last week. The new limitation is specified for online gambling and bet placing on horse races. As well, online transactions in the purchase of online tickets have been limited and are considered illegal. The new bill is ordering the bank regulators to block all payment of electronic money transactions or personal checks for Internet gambling. The banking industry wished it could do so a long time ago since the bank's clients refused to give away money they lost in online website in a gambling environment. One of the state's representatives said: "A vote to eliminate a stipulation that allows electronic funds transfers with state-approved gambling businesses did not pass, which replaces State laws"," From the perspective of our states this is not the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act, this is the Internet Gambling Enabling Act,' alleged the lawmaker who represents the state's 3rd District. 'In fact it allows gaming in Utah.' new supporters declared Cannon was wrong in his guess. 'This blocks Utah to new forms of gambling,' said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., who appended that Utahans are placing bets online right away with illegal, casino-style Web sites which are located overseas.
(By Liat)