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Non-Profit Groups to Share Anti-Underage Gambling Grant 2006-01-31
Three non- profit groups from Missouri have been chosen to share a large Kansas City Port Authority grant to fight under- aged gambling. The grant is worth $160,000, and will be distributed in the near future.
Port Authority member and the chairwoman of the Missouri Alliance to Curb Problem Gambling Joanne Collins said that, �Youth gaming is a problem of growing concern. Awarding grants to these fine institutions gives us hope that education is the solution.�
The largest portion of the grant, almost $100,000, was awarded to the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis to study the prevalence of the under- age gambling problem in Missouri. Researchers will interview hundreds of young people from ages 14 to 25 in order to learn more about how gambling addictions develop among people in this age range.
The Wellness Resource Center at the University of Missouri-Columbia received nearly $50,000 to develop training tools to help parents, teachers, and young gamblers themselves spot problems and deal with them.
The third portion of the grant, almost $20,000, was given to the Second Chance Foundation in Jefferson City to educate young children about the dangers of gambling.
(By Keren)