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Slot machines are now legall in the state's betting centers 2003-06-12
A new bill has been approved last week in Maine after the governor did everything he could in order to pass the bill to locate slot machines in at least four of the state's off-track betting centers. The house of representatives have voted for the bill in a high percent: 112 for and 29 against and the senate voted for the proposal with a 24-6 vote. The only threat to the bill was Gov. John Baldacci who was determined to bring it down. The proposal for the bill was filed by the harness racing industry, which sees slot machines as a new way of playing and spending your time while making a profit to the industry. in contrast, Baldacci sees the slot machines as the contrary to economical development in the country. He wants his opinion to be taken into consideration since every vote counts and he feels that he represents a major part of the population "This is what is so beautiful in our state. We respect what each other thinkļæ½it's important just to say no". He added. The company has initiated a new campaign for slots in TULSA, Okla. The Oklahoma Quarter Horse Racing Association has kept hold of a law firm to start an initiative petition to permit electronic gambling at state racetracks. They have already found partners for the mission- The firm of Scott Mitchell and Associates-which will invite voters to participate in meetings regarding the subject and take part in the fund raising method. Debbie Schauf, the association's executive director believes that the entire project will probably cost $2 million and that the horse industry in the USA is a very important industry which could contribute a lot to the state's economy. She says that at the moment not enough is being invested in that field and "It's leaving, it's dying, and we have to have help. We are worthy of help just as much as all these businesses that they pass tax incentives for." The campaign is not only aimed for the citizen's attention, but also for the lawmaker's immediate awareness. Anti-gambling associations across the state have declared their attention to fight against any form of gambling in order to prevent its authorization. A new proposal to allow gambling slot machines in Fair Meadows, Remington Park, Blue Ribbon Downs and Will Rogers Downs has passed the Senate with a positive respond but crashed down in the House of representatives.
(By Liat)