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Automatic teller machines and slots machines 2003-06-11
Out of all kinds of slot machines, the automatic teller machines are the most popular ones of all of them. You really need to have an ATM around, especially when you are in a casino and playing your game, it might be a hassle to start looking for one and break all your concentration... Go to any gaming venue in Melbourne and there is bound to be an ATM around the corner or within earshot of the pokies. "If they take these away where do I have to go, down the road to a bank?" screamed one of the people who played at the casino and had to run down the street to the ATM. Even one of the managers was angry. "First they put a $180 minimum on the machines and now this," he said. "It is just frustrating. It doesn't make sense. If one bank can't do it, it doesn't mean other banks can't. It will be no big deal at the end of the day." ATMs are not permitted on gaming floors, but they are very necessary in the lobbies of most gaming venues. Another manager of Bulleen's Veneto Club said that the National's withdrawal would have a slight effect on the gaming machines at the club. Also, would make life much easier for players to use the casino.... "The people use the ATM here for the bar and bistro," Mr. Jackson said. "And if people really want money they can use the Eftpos services all over the club."
(By Liat)