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SD Legislature to Debate Gambling Bills 2006-01-24
On Monday, several gambling- related bills were introduced in the South Dakota state legislature. These bills included one that would legalize Texas Hold� em poker tournaments held to benefit non- profit organizations.
SB191, introduced by Sen. Brock Greenfield, a Republican from Clark, proposed that charitable organizations such as veteran groups, fraternal and civic organizations, and religious groups be allowed to run gambling tournaments such as Texas Hold�em in order to raise money.
For many years, the gambling game of choice for charities in South Dakota and elsewhere has been bingo. However, as bingo loses popularity to other games such as Texas Hold�em, the charities have been largely left without a fund- raising source.
"Fewer and fewer people are playing bingo, and this might be an opportunity to get the service clubs back in on the action," said Senator Greenfield.
This is not, said Senator Greenfield, an attempt to expand legalized gambling in South Dakota. "What we're trying to do is offer this opportunity to a limited number of service organizations," he said.
(By Keren)